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Ayurveda Holistic Cooking & Nutrition

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Ayurveda Holistic Cooking & Nutrition

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Mar. 01, 6:00 p.m. – Mar. 10, 9:00 p.m.
Live on-line via zoom

About the Event

Food for the mind, body, spirit and senses

Join us for a gastronomical journey through the science and art of Ayurveda cooking and nutrition. Study how food affects the senses and the consciousness. Learn to celebrate life through colour, sight, taste, touch and sound and discover how to change your mood with the balance of the six tastes. Cook for your constitution, maintain a strong metabolism and learn holistic mindful practices to support digestion, mindful health and daily well-being.

In this course you will learn the fundamental principles of Ayurvedic nutrition in relationship to your unique constitution, the season, your innate digestive capacity, and lifestyle practices. Food is a way to harness the power of self-love and self-connection. As we cultivate presence, practice deep listening, nurture our intuition, and eat with intention, we welcome living in vitality and in harmony.

Class 1: Core Principles of Ayurveda & Nutrition

  • Introduction:  to Ayurveda & the Doshas
  • Shad Rasa: The Six Tastes & The Energetics of Food
  • Understanding how food affects our emotions: Food Emotions & Taste
  • Maintaining our metabolism and Health: Agni & Ama

Class 2: Dosha and Seasonal Nutrition

  • Maintaining our inner balance: Healthy food combinations
  • Healing Foods: Nutrition for the Doshas
  • Nourishing the cycles of time: Seasonal Nutrition

Class 3: Digestion, Qualities, Subtle Forms

  • Spices: Warming, Rejuvenating & Cleansing
  • Food and Consciousness: Sattva, Rajas, Tamas
  • Cultivating our Life force, Radiance and Immunity: Prana & Pranic Food, Tejas and Revitalizing Food, Ojas and Rejuvenating Foods
  • Chromotherapy: The healing colours of food

Class 4: Lifestyle Practices

  • Conscious food preparation 
  • Mindful Practices
  • *Ayurveda cooking demos: food prepartation, tea concoctions, spice mixes, full moon ghee, herb concoctions, vitaltiy elixirs, kitchari, foods for your dosha and seasonal foods (Recorded Classes)
  • *Ayu-Yoga practices to support digestion, cleansing, blanacing and rejuvenation (Live Classes)
  • *Ayurveda cooking demos and ayu-yoga classes are available for you to watch via pre-recorded video for 30 days.

You will also receive:

​Easy to follow pre-recorded cooking videos with Janeen Yusuf.

  1. Delicious recipes for the season and your constitution
  2. 2 Ayu-Yoga practice sessions to balance Agni and stimulate digestion with Oana Deac
  3. Mindful practices for digestion and well-being.
  4. Dosha Questionnaire and food guide

  • Ayurveda Nutrition Workshop
    +$47.97 Tax
    +$47.97 Tax

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