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Back view of young people group practicing yoga with instructor. Stretching class at summe


Deepen Your Practice 

Teaching is a way to self-mastery. When we teach we integrate our own knowledge, express inner wisdom and gain insight and clarity about who we are. We push new boundaries of belief and feel motivated to support, give and be present to the moment. 

Our Yoga Alliance Certified 100Hr Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training, offers an authentic, integrative and comprehensive way for you teach with the deep foundations of Ayurveda. 


As a Certified Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher you will be able to:

  • Teach holistic classes that include Pranayama, Kriyas, Mudra, Mantra, Meditation and Yoga asana

  • Lead Yoga group classes based on the season, the person's Ayurvedic constitution, the elements and the stages of  life

  • Create individualized and general Yoga classes, one-on-one sessions and group workshops

  • Lead with confidence, teach with compassion and express the authentic wisdom for our modern world

Inner Wisdom


Yoga is a conscious way of life that we can live every day. If we learn how to cultivate a consistent conscious lifestyle, the state of Yoga will arrive and remain.

The more we learn, the more we can share with each other to support growth, change and transformation.​

Live In Alignment With Who You Are


Ayurveda and Yoga recognize that each person has a unique mind-body-spirit framework that requires individual care to bring life balance, hope, energy, resilience and health to their life. Not one practice fits all and during times of change, aging, transition and we can bring balance to our lives by adapting our life practice. 

The integration of Ayurveda & Yoga provide us with the wisdom, support, practice and tools, to create clarity and connection throughout the the transitions of life. We can understand how to adapt for the season, our age, self-care and understanding. 

This allows us to build our immunity and prevent dis-ease. 


Yoga is an inner journey that allows us to grow within, creating self-integration. Ayurveda is an inner experience that acknowledges our unique needs, and leads us toward self-balance. This beautiful relationship, between Ayurveda & Yoga, helps us to create harmony and unification; connecting the inner and outer Self to support the discovery our true nature. 

Study live on-line or via our self-paced programs

Enjoy the option to study at your own pace or join us live via zoom