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"The soul can never be cut to pieces by any weapon, nor burned by fire, nor moistened by water, nor withered by the wind."




The feminine principle resides within us all - we are all part of Mother Nature. The difficulties of our time; war, famine, dis-ease, social unrest, pollution and economic challenges are all intrinsically part of one root cause -  the disconnection from the natural world, who we are, and  the severing of the feminine principles of life: receptivity, belonging, feeling, community, energetics, nourishment and harmony with our environment. We have lost connection to spirit, reverence, gratitude, love and unity.

This life time gives us the opportunity to re-balance and restore the ancient awareness of humanity to create peace, equality, compassion and well-being for all. This is the opportunity to answer the call of who we are, reclaim our destiny and understand the purpose of why we have come here now..

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Ayurveda, Yoga & Shamanism recognize that we are more than just a body and a mind, we are a soul with purpose, and unlimited power. Now in the face of transformation, we are being asked to re-establish order to maintain balance . This begins with the mother  - the feminine principle where all life manifests. 



Transformation is the work of mother nature. Her intelligence guides us towards our dharma - the correct order of nature and life. At times re-alignment can appear as suffering, pain and dis-ease. This disharmony is asking for rectification. We can look at this as "Adharma"  or that which is out of order, is the opportunity to to transform our lives and re-align with our true path.  Throughout this course, we will explore practical tools to help us to re-align with our highest destiny, heal, transform and restore harmony in our lives and our world.



Learn the in-depth ancient feminine rituals of yoga, ayurveda and shamanism to help transform consciousness, health and well-being: 

• Ceremonies and rituals to heal past wounds and future patterns based on cycles of belief 

Holistic, individual approach to life to create the right conditions to flourish for each person

• Access higher realms of the mind through inner sight and divination

• Intuition through, scanning, energy, chakras, aura reading, healing, energetic protection, journey work, animal totems, spirit guides, astral projections

• Soul retrieval, Tracking, Destiny Retrieval, Ancestral Healing, Conscious transformation






Anyone can hold a "feminine wound" irrespective of gender or identity. Here we examine the feminine principles that the human embodies and how the feminine energy has been distorted and disempowered throughout time. Receptivity, silence, compassion, love, generosity & kindness are powerful actions of peace but yet they are perceived as weakness and vulnerability. How do we reclaim these attributes in our work, lives, relationships and daily practice?


  • Exploring the places we hold feminine wounds in the body, mind and emotions.

  • Transmuting, healing & transforming the consciousness of the disempowered feminine & victim wound to arrive with wholeness and authentic power

  • Alchemy of the spirit: shedding the past his-story and stepping into a new paradigm of the feminine empowered consciousness

  • Learning to clear the energy body, chakra centres, nadis and unconsciousness belief patterns



​Rediscovering the embodiment of grace and personal power through rituals, rites and ancient wisdom practices. 

  • Shakti Yoga - Asana, mudra, bandha and pranayama for Shakti Sadhana

  • Self Empowerment, Self Love, Self Acceptance

  • Mantra for Women's Health, Strength & Vitality 

  • Body Prayer: Goddess Yoga & Rebirthing Practices

  • Building the Ojas and the Sensual Body

  • Recipes, Rituals & Rites

  • White Tantric Practices 

  • Asana & Energetic Archetypes

  • Primal  & Intentional Movement

  • Ayurveda & The Five Elements

  • Astrology and Ayurveda

  • Subtle Anatomy: Chakras & Kundalini



Discover moon medicine to unlock the cycles of the unconscious that repeat karmas bound by time. Establish sacred conscious intention to realign the rhythms of the body and transform the unconscious.



  • Rituals for energy Protection & Clearing Space

  • Removal of darkness and shadow

  • Creating safe space for practice and healing 

  • Fire Moon Ceremony & Elemental Moon Ceremony

  • Moving beyond the consciousness of fear and death

  • Intuition through, scanning, energy, chakras, aura reading, healing, energetic protection, journey work, animal totems, spirit guides, astral projection,

  • Ancestral Healing, underworld healing, subconscious healing


  • Rituals of transformation and transcendence

  • Understanding and resolving our shadows and projections

  • Ancestral beliefs/inheritance that no longer serve us

  • Dissolving the seeds of karma from our ancestors

  • Healing the wounds of the ancestors, working with the ancient aspects of our collective memory

  • Tracking – intuition of past and future

  • Exploring the sabateur archetypes 

  • Authentic Expression 

  • Moon Dance 



Becoming: Rites of passage a rituals of womanhood  through the steps and stages of life. Birthing the mother and healing the inner child.

  • Despacho Ceremony 

  • Mandala Making

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Sacred Water Ceremony: Menstruation, Birth and Dying

  • Ancestral Ceremony: Resurrecting balance with the past

  • Gifting & Receiving

  • Rebirthing & Dying Consciously (Transforming)

  • Sand painting rituals, chakra clearing practices and reestablishing the subtle body of awarness

  • Aura reading, stone reading and the psychology of story telling



Reclaiming a feminine power that does not need to wear the pants. We liken a strong woman to a woman who leads as a man has been conditioned to lead, who does not express emotion, who practices sports and war like a man and we call this independence and power. But this is still weighed into the cultural norm that a man and what he does represents power. Can a women be receptive, gentle and kind still be perceived as powerful? 

  • Exploring our inner landscape
  • Stepping into true power to be seen in the world as our authentic self 
  • Finding your authentic voice
  • The peaceful warrior: vulnerability without the need for armour
  • Release from collective feminine shame and judgement
  • Inner safety, self-worth and sexual power
  • Personal intimacy with the self and the other 
  • Transformation, Integration & Transcendence 

The Goddess Within

  • The North Star: Finding your own inner guide

  • Reaching the goddess within

  • Divine inner connection

  • The inner Alter of Source

  • Reclaiming the divine feminine power

  • Inner Strength & Boundaries

  • Energetic Boundaries

  • Balancing the subtle body, chakras, pranas and subconscious thought processes.

  • Transforming emotions and thoughts with the breath

  • Becoming seen and stepping into the new empowered mythic journey 



Nature speak to us through silence, omens, dreams and archetypes. Learn to decipher the ancient languages of the Earth, Water & Sky. Study and remember the language of the universe.

  • Reading nature for insight and intuition

  • Understanding deeper meanings of omens

  • Divination: how to read nature and its signs

  • Developing inner sight & vision

  • Tarot, I-ching, Runes & Crystals

  • Listening to our own inner guidance and intelligence

  • Accessing higher realms of the mind through inner sight and divination

  • Soul retrieval, Tracking, Destiny Retrieval, Conscious transformation

  • Exploration of the akashic records



Dissolving our identity as a means to truly understand the nature of our existence. The feminine and masculine ideologies become free when we no longer adhere to old concepts, limiting beliefs and conditions that serve the myth and ladder of human supremacy. To truly explore equality of all sentient beings we can choose to dissolve the orders of identity and embody all  archetypes through the passage of time as a means to wholeness. 

  • Exploring the human roles we embody 

  • Transforming limiting perspectives of masculine and feminine roles and energies

  • Letting go of the personality, ego, intellect, knowledge as our identity

  • Dark Empress of the Soul - The insight of losing one's identity as a means to awaken truth

  • Becoming invisible to be fully seen and step into our authentic power 
  • Practices and tools to let go, forgive and accept  to remain resilient and truly become a new


Every living being belongs here on Earth. It is your birth rite to be here. If we do not know why we are here, or what our purpose is, we can begin the journey to the self by uncovering the truth about what we want now, what our true desire is and  the dream to exist. We can then map how we can begin to walk this path with conscious awareness in the world. This is essential to walking the path of our inner discovery. 

  • Consciously connecting to the new intentions of our presence here on Earth and the birthing of a new global collective consciousness 

  • Connecting to the soul of the world and her desires

  • What is the Earth's true history and what requires healing?

  • Dreaming a new psyche and world into being

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Mythic mapping the new consciousness

  • Establishing the highest destiny for ourselves and the Earth



Here we examine the roles, the words, the feelings and the expressions of divine masculine and feminine to bring clarity, unity and peace within. 

  • The wounded Masculine 

  • The sacred Union

  • Loving and perfect balance the inner feminine and masculine

  • Spiritual Love 

  • Love, Non-Attachment Death & Transcendence

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