Experience a journey through the 7 chakras from root to rise.

  • DAY 1: Establish the seat of the self in the muladhara chakra of earth and root elements.
  • DAY 2: Water the seeds of your self establishment in the sacral chakra of the womb of creativity.
  • DAY 3: Fire the seeds that you have planted and watered with the fire element of intention and willpower at the seat of the solar plexus.
  • DAY 4: Breathe in the light of awarness as you add love, self-connection and attention to the heart center of the air element. 
  • DAY 5: Create space to bloom from the heart as you enter into the throat chakra, hear your inner voice and follow the path of your own wisdom.
  • DAY 6: Move beyond the elements into the third eye, for the eagle view of working with soul of who you are
  • DAY 7: Establish the root of your being into the crown of your existence and the nature of who you are, sitting in the light of your nature. 

Chakra Yoga Series: 7 Class Pack

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