100 Hour – Facilitation Training Program

Kundalini and Chakra Facilitator Training Program

Become an Authentic, Skilled and Certified Kundalini and Chakra Facilitator
Most comprehensive and unique training program available

Yoga of Kundalini and Chakras is supreme Yoga and contains the essence of all other Yogas, religions and spiritual paths. It is ancient yet contemporary as it can be explained through spirituality and philosophy and also in terms of science without bringing any religion to define it. Through its philosophy and the practice we can understand and realize the non-dual consciousness as well as ourselves and the world around us with all its chaos, politics, economics, joy, sufferings and cultural conflicts. To know the Kundalini and Chakras is to understand and realize what could be understood and realized at all levels of life.

What you will learn?

In this 100-hour training course, we will be focusing on both theory and practical, so that you can achieve mastery in the practice of Kundalini and Chakra methods to become a Kundalini and Chakra facilitator.


In this section of the program you will be learn:
  • Kundalini and Chakra Philosophy: Kundalini and Chakra philosophy is the study Kundalini and Chakras and also its relationship with various types of yogas including Bhakti, Karma and Jnana Yoga and other spiritual paths.
  • Kundalini Meditations: Meditation is the art and science of relaxation, awareness and expansion of awareness. It’s the tool to transcend thoughts and restless mind resulting in Samadhi. But in this program we will be specifically focussing on those meditations which facilitate the awakening of Kundalini and Chakras.
  • Naturality: Naturality is to live according to our nature and walking our own path. In Naturality, you will learn how to approach Kundalini and Chakras in the most natural and effortless way.
  • Kundalini and Chakra’s Anatomy & Physiology: In this section of the program you will learn about biology of the body and brain and how they are connected to the poses, breathing techniques or Pranayama, Kundalini and Chakras. This will give you a scientific understanding of Kundalini and Chakras.
  • Kundalini, Chakra and Mental Health and Addictions: Awakening of the Kundalini and Chakra has direct effect on mental health and addictions and help in their effective management. Participants will learn how they can empower people with mental health problems and addictions for better management of the problems.


In this section of Kundlaini and Chakra study, you will learn poses, movements, locks, mudras (gestures), seed mantras for Chakras, breathing exercises and meditations.
  • Meditations: You will learn the theory and practice a variety of meditations, including the Kundalini and Chakras meditations. You will also explore the effects of meditation on body, emotions, thoughts and how various mind-body health problems can be relieved by meditation practice. Meditation can become holistic medicine without the side-effects.
  • Breathing exercises: Breathing exercises are techniques to regulate your breath. ‎The different types of breathing techniques you will practice will include – Alternate nostril breathing, Chakra, Ujjayi, ‎Kapalabhati, ‎Bhastrika or bellow breathing, breath of dissolution.
  • Chanting: Chanting will focus on seed and tantric sounds and mantras which help in Kundalini and Chakra awakening.
  • Mudras or gestures: Mudras are the hand and limb gestures to facilitate the flow of the energy.
  • Bandhas or locks: Bandhas are specific body poses, movement along with breathing exercise to pool the energy and direct its flow into specific chakras and channels.
  • Knowledge of basic Marma or acupuncture points for healing: Knowledge of Marma points will add into your knowledge of energy channels and their connection with the Chakras and Nadis or meridians. Specific Sujun movements will be practiced to stimulate the Marma points.

Beside the above, you will also learn about how to become an effective and confident teacher and how to teach students with different medical physical and mental conditions including those one which are induced by spontaneous Kundalini awakening.

Teaching Methods

Experience based education – Experiencing and also finding the source of experience.
Problem based learning – Exploring the problem of fear, meaning in life, love, relationship, fulfillment, work and education.
Dialectical dialogue – Exploring two poles of an experience or knowledge.
Self-inquiry – Who am I? Enquiring into the origin of knowledge, beliefs and motives.
Healthy competition and co-operation – It helps in realizing and expressing our potential and brings unique creativity to teachings without being isolated. We have fear of our own greatness known as Jonah’s complex which we have to overcome to experience best in us. We become big by becoming bigger, not by making others small and then help others to grow.

Course Material

Manual – A 150 page comprehensive manual containing the theory and practice of the Chakra and Kundalini
.Meditation – The art, science and methods of meditations
Recorded meditation and chants
Date: January 27 – February 2nd, 2018
Time: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Venue: Temple Vortex, Toronto
Fee: $ 1150 (includes tax, retreat and course material)