Resilience - creating wellness and integrative health in the work place


Our wellness team, leads corporate experiences to promote wellness, relaxation, healthy relationship building and open communication in the work place. We guide, innovate, connect, drive, create, motivate and inspire.


Custom Events & Retreats

  • Our Corporate Events foster positive leadership through clear, effective, motivational communication. We create, design and implement specialized health and wellness events to deliver an overall experience of remuneration through luxury, exclusivity and reward for impeccable performance.
  • Retreats include exotic excursions to destinations and can be custom tailored to your needs. Components of each retreat include wellness activities, fresh organic meals and juices, activities, spa rejuvenation, meditation, yoga and more.
  • Our custom retreats empower, spark creativity, develop self-trust, support self-discovery and focused performance. We work with concentration techniques, mind-fitness, meditation, NLP, brainstorming and writing. In addition to our existing events, we also provide custom retreats, educational conference events and themed health and wellness events for groups including detoxification, rejuvenation and transformation.
  • Lectures and Classes

  • We are happy to offer guided practices that can include yoga, relaxation and concentration building, to develop mental clarity and space, to foster new ideas, and unique problem-solving strategies without stress or anxiety.
  • Evening lectures are also available. Guest speakers are invited to teach, mentor, and share their wisdom to encourage confidence, motivation, inspiration and healthy relationships. All lectures and topics are custom developed to meet your organizations, needs.
  • Continuing Education & Workshops

  • Our luncheon workshops include tools and tips to cultivate innovation in the workplace through sales strategies, empathy and active listening.
  • We also provide quarterly workshops for your team to stay motivated, up to date, and constantly in touch with change.
  • Professional Education

  • We have a vast library of modules created for Health Care Professionals, Educators, Students and Novices. Professional Education programs are available in-house, in a retreat setting or on-line. For more about these programs, please contact us.
  • E-Learning

  • Our team sends out monthly e-tips with easy to-do reminders for a healthy mind and body complex.
  • Topics may include: Diet and Nutrition, Better Sleep Habits, Daily Self Care, Managing Stress
  • For your convenience, our e-learning programs can be taken from anywhere at any time, to suite your personal learning experience in the comfort of your own space. E-learning programs include audio, video, and animation with printable content to ensure that you have all of the required resources available to you.

    Higher staff morale

    Reducing stress in the workplace means your employees will be happier and feel more positive about your organization.

    Reduced absenteeism

    Workplace pressures cause a range of physical and emotional illnesses (including depression). Stress suppresses the immune system so that it takes longer to recover from non-stress-related illnesses. This results in loss of work hours.

    Reduced workers compensation claims

    Stress-related claims account for almost 30% of all Work Cover claims and are about twice as expensive as other claims (see details below).

    Reduced staff turnover

    Employees who aren’t coping with stress at work are more likely to leave.

    Employees with better mental focus

    Research shows that mindfulness meditation increases mental abilities; especially the ability to focus.

    Better inter-staff relations

    When people are stressed at work, tempers flare and relationships can sour, leading to less co-operative, less cohesive teams, which decreases productivity.

    Better customer service

    Staff who aren’t stressed will be more pleasant to your clients and provide better customer service.

    Higher productivity

    All of the factors mentioned above will increase productivity and improve your bottom line. Additionally, the fact that many people think less clearly when they’re over-stressed means your staff will make better decisions when effective stress management strategies, such as mindfulness training, are implemented.