The Foundation of Wisdom

JAI is a team of specialized members who have created an international platform of world-class knowledge and education. We provide the global community with tools to develop self-knowledge, authenticity, compassion, transformation and wisdom. Our educators have integrated their wisdom through their professional experience, education, and applied skills, with over 20 years of practice, teaching and mastery. Our goal is to provide education excellence through focused training from the best roster of Doctors, Educators, Healers and Therapists in their specialized field of practice.



Nicole Mahabir

Nicole Mahabir (NMP, E-RYT, C-IAYT) is the Founding Director of JAI Wellness, a platform for health education, mindful living and wellbeing. For the past 15 years, Nicole has lead professional certified programs, teaching Nutrition, Meditation, Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy and Natural Anti-Ageing Beauty Regimes.

When she isn’t teaching, Nicole helps clients to balance their lifestyles, by integrating sustainable health protocols into their busy, modern schedules. Her approach is dynamic and holistic, offering personal ‘lifestyle toolkits,’ with recommendations for total health and wellbeing. In her spare time, she leads wellness retreats and fabulous destination detoxes.

Living her passion, Nicole is motivated to help restore human dignity and create equanimity, by sharing knowledge and human kindness, with as many people as she can. Her search ‘to know the truth,’ has taken her to far shores, to practice with Yogis in India, Shaman in Peru, Masters of Ayurveda in America, Natural Medical Doctors in Canada, and Healers of New Zealand and Bali.

Nicole’s professional media background includes working with Toronto Life, Flare, Fashion and Saturday Night Magazines. She is currently a health and wellness contributor for CBC Life.

International Guest


Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Dr. Kumar is a graduate from The Mind-Body Medical Institute at Harvard University, and is a Pediatrician from India. Currently he is practicing and teaching Acupuncture, Meditation and Mind-Body Medicine at Mc Master University and surrounding areas. During 13 years of voluntary work with his wife Karen, Dr. Kumar’s search deepened, and placed him firmly on a mystical-spiritual path. His spiritual connection continues to this day in a radically different way, which he calls Biological Transformation. His integrative practices are uniquely healing and informative to allow the deep exploration of the self and of others.

Dr. Indu Arora

Dr. Indu Arora is a Registered Ayurvedic Clinician, Membership Director of the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of Northern America, Board member of the World Movement of Yoga and International Advisor to World Yoga Council. She has a Doctorate in Alternate Medicine (MD) and Awarded with Yoga Shiromani and Yoga Bhaskar. She has a Grand Parenting E-500 T-500 from Yoga Alliance and is registered Yoga Therapist. Dr. Arora is pursuing her PhD. in Metaphysical Sciences from University of Metaphysical Sciences, CA.

Prasad Rangnekar

Prasad began Hatha Yoga training at Yoga Vidya Niketan, Mumbai at the age of nine while studying Yogic scriptures with his mother during that time. His intensive training in Pranayama and Breathing techniques were gifted from The Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute, India; The World’s oldest Yoga school. Through his on-going dedication to the path of Yoga, Prasad was awarded the title of ‘Yoga Shiromani,’ “The Crown Jewel of Yoga,” by the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, after the completion of his Training.

Resident Mind-Body


Alvaro Esteban

Alvaro is an International mind-body practitioner, yoga instructor, educator and artist. His journey began as a child, through movement, breath and energy, during his study of martial arts. As a teenager, he then commenced the study of yoga, dance and somatic techniques. Alvaro’s interest to learn more about the energetics and mechanics of the body, impassioned him to travel to International shores and study with masters of yoga and health. His expertise and skilled knowledge was then applied in various holistic healing centers, where he was able to empower others through teaching and applied yoga therapy. As a seasoned musician who leads group meditations and mantra practice, Alvaro maintains a multi-disciplinary approach, with continued study and teachings from various traditions under the guidance of accomplished masters.

Dr. Sairupa Krishnamurti

Dr. Sairupa is a GTA based licensed Naturopathic Doctor (CONO). She is also an Ayurveda and Yoga Practitioner, and a gentle self-care advocate. She is passionate about offering heart-centered healthcare to support you to establish and sustain vibrant health. Sairupa believes that self-care can help us to resurface after times of loss, prevent burn out when life feels too heavy, and impact us to feel better more consistently. She has a general family practice with special interests in reproductive health, fertility, pregnancy, post-natal- care, paediatrics, mental health, stress, hormones and digestion.

Sairupa received training in Ayurveda from the Center for Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing, and Naturopathic Medicine at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has completed Yoga teacher training programs with Heather Greaves, and The Vidya Institute. Additionally, she’s done training in paediatrics, pregnancy and labour support. She gave birth to her own daughter at home, and she’s passionate about gentle Naturopathic and Ayurvedic birthing and post-partum practices. As a trauma informed practitioner, Sairupa aims to provide non-judgmental healthcare from an anti-oppressive model that welcomes all types of individuals, families, relationships, and genders. As part of her integrative approach to medicine, she is so excited to support you to cultivate or rediscover your inner wisdom and your personal tools for sustainable, vibrant longevity and health.

Rian Scott

Rian graduated from Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine as a Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, (R.Ac | R.TCMP). Rian’s practice focuses on providing holistic care and education to those seeking to heal and restore their well-being naturally. After graduating from Eight Branches, Rian has furthered his studies in Japanese Acupuncture specifically Shakujyu Therapy which emphasizes gentle needling techniques to restore the bodies ability to heal itself.Traditional East Asian Medicine is very effective at treating pain, digestive issues, mental/emotional states, insomnia, fatigue, skin conditions and more. To see if Traditional East Asian Medicine can help you, call for a free 15 minute consult.