Yoga and Ayurveda

300 Hour - Ayu-Yoga Therapist Program



The Ayu-Yoga Therapy Program combines the wisdom of two ancient, Vedic sister-sciences. Classically there is no Yoga Therapy (Chikitsa) without the knowledge of Ayurveda.

To determine successful Ayu-Yoga treatment protocols, one must first understand how physical, emotional and mental imbalances (vrikruti) may manifest dis-ease in each individual. The Ayu-Yog perspective does not limit treatment of dis-ease to physical therapy alone.Optimal health is more than physical health. It is health of the body, the mind, the spirit and the senses. Ayu-Yog illustrates the formation of dis-ease as it moves from consciousness and the mind, into matter and the emotions, the senses and the physiological system. This understanding becomes an integral part of Ayu-Yoga treatment and Therapy protocols and is the mechanism used to reverse or halt the dis-ease cycle. Proper assessment of the vrikruti and individualized treatment is the hallmark of Ayu-Yoga Therapy.

Ayurveda is a tool to assess the Dosha Prakruti – the natural sate of health for each individual. It identifies the cycles of nature and helps us to maintain and sustain our physical health throughout the changes of the season, time, age, stress, conflict and disease. It examines the relationships between the human being, nature and the macrocosm and demonstrates the intricacy of these relationships as what we know as the science of life.

Yoga addresses and integrates the subtle levels of the consciousness, the mind, the prana, the senses and the psycho-emotional behaviors associated with our Dosha Prakruti. In this way, Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy simultaneously work together on both subtle, psycho-emotional and physical manifestations of dis-harmony and dis-ease. This comprehensive Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy Program cultivates the understanding of Pathogenesis, Prognosis and Therapy through the complete lense and 'prognostic' tools of Yoga and Ayurveda. These treatment protocols are designed to treat the client and the dis-ease.


-Successful Graduates will hold an advanced, Certified 300-Hour Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy Designation from the Canadian Yoga Alliance.
-Prerequisites: Ayurveda Yoga Instructor Training or an *equivalent teacher training certificate is a prerequisite. This course is open to existing certified practitioners and yoga instructors.
*Those without sufficient Ayurveda training will be required to enroll in the workshop “Foundations of Ayurveda and Yoga” at JAI Yoga and Ayurveda to qualify for enrollment.


  • Gain knowledge of individualized practices and therapies for various dis-eases and dosha imbalances (vrikruti).
  • Create individualized consultations and Ayu-Yoga protocols and programs to balance the doshas, agni, mind, emotions and senses.
  • Create individualized treatment protocols that include Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Bandha, Meditation and Yoga Asana and offer dietary and lifestyle protocols for each Dosha.
  • Study the process of sensory integration and health
  • Carry out intake and assessment of clients
  • Determine protocols for the seasons, times of day and stages of life
  • Understand the causes of vrikruti, pathogenesis and the vrittis
  • Examine Ojas and Agni in the role of health and therapy
  • Lead Ayuyoga group and individual classes
  • Offer Ayu-yoga practices for cleansing, detoxification and rejuvenation
  • Learn Mind Body Medicine: Psycho-emotional assessments through Manovigyan
  • Study counselling Protocols: Darshana, Sparshana, Prashna

Yoga and Ayurveda


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