100 Hour - Meditation Facilitation Training Program


Humans are capable of evolving consciously, which can bring them a sense of wholeness, well-being and expansion of awareness. Meditation is a tool of conscious evolution through which we not only discover our own unique nature, but also experience the universal consciousness which frees them from fear and suffering. This Meditation Instructor Training Program, a unique synthesis of heart and mind, feelings and thought, soul and structure, is a comprehensive 100-hour certificate program certified by the Canadian Yoga Alliance (CYA-RYS100).

Meditation is our natural state of being. It is spontaneous and effortless. Daily life can often create stress, anxiety, fear and adverse thought processes that impede this natural state. A meditation practice can be supported through a healthy and balanced lifestyle, with tools that can sustain a balanced mind, body and spirit. This meditation program is designed to provide the tools and preparation techniques for relaxation, concentration and meditation through the complimentary sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga. We explore the cellular intelligence (or the mind within the body) and witness how our lifestyle patterns may perpetuate suffering. We study subtle lifestyle changes that can create vast differences in our experiences of life by understanding how our senses, emotions, body and consciousness are interconnected. We explore ethics and ways of life through daily and seasonal routines to support conscious awakening, and shift habitual patterns and ways of thinking through the Yamas and Niyamas. In this way, the sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga help to prepare the body and lifestyle for a meditative life practice.



Students will study various meditation tools and techniques. They will learn the Ayurvedic approach to a sattvic/balanced diet and discover healthy lifestyle regimes that prepare the body and mind for deeper consciousness practices.
The aim is to sustain, support and maintain a healthy state of mind and body as we delve into the art and science of meditative life and expansive conscious awareness.
This program offers an integrative approach to life that is grounded in science, education, well-being and the rights of the individual to create a holistic view of meditation. Successful Graduates will be Certified as a 100-Hour Meditation Facilitator from the Canadian Yoga Alliance.


  • expand your knowledge and experience of meditation
  • deepen your meditative practice
  • develop the skills required to design and facilitate meditation sessions to groups and individuals
  • experience meditation practices that are contemporary and accessible to both traditionally oriented seekers and to those who are steeped in the ways of science.


MEDITATION: The Science of Conscious Evolution; the Art of Wholeness and Well-Being

  • Learn about current research in neuroplasticity and brain science
  • Explore mind-body connections and mind-body medicine, and understand the utilization of conscious evolution for well-being.
  • Develop a personal relationship with the last four limbs of Patanjali: sensory transcendence; concentration; total awareness with conscious focus; and Samadhi, the state of Wellness, Authenticity and Freedom.
  • MEDITATION: Techniques and Traditions

  • Learn and experience the meditation techniques of universally acknowledged teachers with a diverse range of traditions and backgrounds.
  • Discover what meditation is and what it is not.
  • EXPERIENCES OF MEDITATION: Ego, Shadow, Soul and Universal Consciousness

  • Learn about the archetypal energy of ego, shadow, soul and universal consciousness.
  • Understand the power of integrating knowledge of ego, shadow and soul into your life journey to experience the inclusive nature of 'naturality's' wholeness.

  • Discover your nature, your Prakriti or Ayurvedic constitution, and the significance of ‘naturality’ in daily life.
  • Learn to understand and respect your innate self through understanding the life-altering potential of the meditative experience: body type, personality, constitution and self-knowing.
  • Learn about the Ayurvedic body types and temperament using eastern and western terms of reference. Discover movement, diet and activities that work best for you.
  • BREATH WORK: Intro to Breath Techniques

  • The breath will be explored to offer tools for deep relaxation and concentration as preparation techniques that lead to Meditation.
  • Relaxation Techniques, Breath Work, Physiology of Breathing, The 5 Pranas,
  • YOGA: Preparation and Relaxation Techniques for Meditation

  • Relaxation Techniques, Breath Work, Yoga Asana Preparation for sitting.
  • How to find your seat: Postures, Understanding Anatomy of the body for the sitting meditation postures, modifications for each person.

  • Learn about the traditional experience of the chakras and the significance of these energy centres in daily life.
  • Understand the evolutionary path of humans, socially, spiritually and physically, and the path of involution as demonstrated by movement throughout the chakras.
  • We will investigate, sound, colour, and location of each chakra and experience a chakra meditation.

  • The Three Bodies
  • The Pancha Kosha Theory
  • The Chakras, Kundalini, Ida & Pingala
  • The Panch Pranas (see section on Prana)

  • Formal Practice Teaching
  • Refining your Teaching: Languaging, Guiding, & Transitioning
  • Assisting, Supporting, & Modifying Poses
  • Sequencing, Transitioning, & Sustaining Postures
  • How to Consult and Support
  • Leading Private Sessions
  • Theming & Cohesion
  • Preparing for final practicum

  • **Students have a series of assignments to complete during each section including class observations, written assignments, and practicums
    *Final practicum will involve leading a public class at JAI Yoga and Ayurveda.

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